More Close And Personal

I'm mom of 2 (since 2011 I'm officially mom of 3)

I'm Budhist.

I'm health conscious, and had been Vegetarian since 2004.

I speak mostly in bahasa Indonesia, I also learned English and Chinese since childhood.

While I'm blogging most of the time in bahasa Indonesia, sometimes I use terms in English and Chinese whenever  I can express better in those languages.

I have curious in my nature like Nancy Drew and Conan (both are fictional detective character from my childhood books).

From the inside I have combination character of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Rider and Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. While the outside I have good personality and talkative even to strangers.

I love travelling. But since being mom I rarely have the luxury in my life.

I share the hobby with my sister in laws, so last time we traveled as big pack of few adults and lots of children to be supervised. 

I Love doing something creative, such as designing my own jewelry. I'm a big fan of Swarovski products.

Like any other woman I love fashion too, and have peculiar taste and style. My style should be modest, simple, and elegant.

I firmly believe woman can be looked beautiful without over exposing their boobs, arms, belly, back, and thighs.
I love creatively designed furnitures and small stuffs that adding values and functionality. I hardly turn my eyes when spotted the good one.

The same thing happens whenever my eyes gaze good lay out of minimalist interior design on magazines, TV or while browsing on the internet.

I love photography, and still learning take best photos, as well as do editing with Photoshop.

Secretly I love doing self-portrait, but I don't have gut camwhoring and publish it on my blog. I'm really shy. Perhaps I should try it sometime.

I love reading books and watching movies.

My Favourite books: Jane Eyre, Jane Austen's books, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki, Around A World In 80 Days by Jules Verne, Robinson Crusoe, Jewels by Danielle Steel, Enid Blyton's books, Astrid Lindgren's books, .... (by the time the list still continues)

My Favorite movies: Sound Of Music, Wizard Of Oz, The King And I, Pretty Woman, Eat Pray Love, Speed, Miss Congeniality, .... ( mostly I love action, romance, and comedy)

My Favorite Music: Bee Gees, Queen, Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Il Divo.
My special favorite from Indonesia:  Ruth Sahanaya, Vina Panduwinata, Afghan, Chrisye.
I have worldwide favorites so imposible to mention them all.

About Blog

Blog Yuefang is an online journal featuring my daily life as a mom, wife, jewelry designer, feminist, blogger, health conscious, and how I lead a good life as Vegetarian.

I blog in wide range topics; lifestyle, parenting, organic gardening, film and book review, gadgets, new technology, hobby, photography, (peculiar) fashion, newly create food recipe, and almost everything that worth to share.

I also open the opportunity for advertisers.
Read in English.

About Luwuk

Luwuk is a humble small town  in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

It doesn't have night clubs and large shopping malls.

But today Luwuk is going through economically booming and thriving. Thanks to abundant natural resources both land and sea, and also gas exploration industry.