Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

I Just Fired Them

I was so outrage to my tailor and decided to fire them right away. Sadly enough because they'd been my best friend for years, and had been my 'personal assistant' whenever I need mending my clothes or jeans.

But what can I say our mutual  relationship should end. I always believe trust is the most important asset to  satisfy your customer if your business is to make a living. But in my case my trust had been betrayed. How on earth they addressed me as their favorite customer (never so fussy about how much money they charge me for their service, as long as I love their work, and never complain whenever they've been delayed finishing my order), if that day I was being very.. very... and BIG disappointed.

I say you would act the same if you're in my shoes. Imagine this: You'd been delayed one week for five pairs of jeans and trousers, that should be finished in two days. Then when you fetched your things, you saw how disappointing they did on your jeans, looked like recklessly done by unexperience or beginner tailor.

I couldn't help holding my anger at that moment when I received unfriendly respond for complaining their job. But still I had to be patient even though I decided not to see their faces again or have anything to do with them, just because they already earned my money. Once they finished their job then bye.. bye.. forever! 

When I write this post I still can't believe somebody did this to me. I just guess they don't need me as one of their favorite customer. Well I think I deserve better and more reliable tailor with reasonable charge, and that was big mistake... HUGE on their part (I just sound like Julia Roberts' line on Pretty Woman)

So my advise: Bear in mind customer's satisfaction! Or they fire you :D