Kamis, 30 Januari 2014

Tuan Yuan Fan Anxiety

For years I've been in constant anxiety every time the day before Chinese new year comes. So much tradition ceremony to perform and so much cooking to prepare. It means my fridge will be overloaded, and the image of it already making my stomach into knots, I can feel having seasonal gastric whenever in stressful condition.

But this year I decided to make it as simple and also as well as reasonable.  Yes reasonable! I decided to create my own tradition of Chinese New Year. Why on earth I have to stick to old tradition just to make me in constant stress and uncomfortable gastric every year. Well it's time for some changes!

The day before Chinese New Year also known as Tuan Yuan Fan (團 圓 飯) when every one in the family sit and eat happily together at dinner table. The problem comes in the form of leftover food. My husband and I don't like the image of re-heating  food for few days to come. We just simply hate it!

So I compromise to my husband about my annual stress and anxiety, he agreed to have my own way. Thank Goodness.

So instead of cooking six to eight courses of meal, I simply cut it to three. Why, we're family of five. After years I decided it's ridiculous to stick to the old tradition. And the timing of performing the ceremony I decided to begin earlier on mid day and we're having tuan yuan fan at lunch time instead of late afternoon.

When my husband and I get older and the children already being grown up or having their own family, then  I happily reverse the tradition again with six to eight course of meals then our dinner table will cramp with happy big family. 

The image of it already makes me smile, well... we still have to wait for the next 20 years :)

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