Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

The Year Of Horse 2014

Year-of-horse-2014-wearing-red-chiffon-blouseAt last Chinese New Year arrives! As you can see me wearing my simple red chiffon blouse with black pencil skirt. I hardly tell you how much I'm grateful for today and also for the passing last year. So much to be thankful and there's so much to appreciate. 

You will appreciate and look forward every New Year if you spent your last New Year eve  ....at the hospital as we did as frantic parents tried to save our baby by acute diarrhea.

At the time like that you would say to yourself that you would do anything not even complaining about so much things to do with cleaning  the house and  preparing for the celebration, instead of being stuck at the hospital.

At the time we spent three days at hospital I learned to appreciate good health and eagerly to more educate myself. Being with my youngest son at hospital was quite an insult to me as parent. I had tried everything I know to stop the diarrhae and also kept him re-hydrated. But apparently that wasn't enough.

The diarrhea itself was totally a new experience to me, my daughter also suffered the same fate but fortunately not as worst as her little brother. I thank God they were all right and saved at the nick of time.

So this is me and family today, so grateful that everyone is well and celebrating the year of horse with new perspective, new hope, and new wishes. May everyone in good health and have good time to spend with family and friends.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone :) xoxoxo