Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

Safe Alternative Coping With Body Odor

I've been reading an article from Green Smoothie Girl about anti perspirants that has the link to cause breast cancer. I was shocked and hardly believe it. Because all women know smell good is important as one of beauty regime.

But as I always concern about being healthy and put much attention about beauty like any other women,  this article somehow has changed me and also compelled me to figure out a safe alternative. 

And fortunately I'm not a big fan of using perfume generously, I found myself long time ago that some perfume doesn't get along with me, some smell even makes me dizzy, so when I buy a deodorant product I'd choose the kind with odorless. 

Long after reading the article I came up with an old method using batu tawas, that's people call it in Indonesia (I don't know any other name in English, sorry!), a crystal translucent rock that people mainly used to put in the wells to clear up the water, and they also applied to cope with body odor.

I don't think many people in my generation know about it, we're so indulge with modern but often full of toxic products.

I was thinking if this batu tawas is known long time ago, then it must be available in local market. So I venture to look for it, and they are in their raw and natural form. Just the same product I'd seen when I was a child but didn't realize the value of it.

Batu Tawas
I've been using it for a month now, and it unbelievable works! I'm so glad :)

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