Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Me Before You

Yay  I've found another favorite audiobook Me Before You. It's unconventional love story, yet it deserves credit from Blog Yuefang. Oh ... if you love audiobook then you can find it on Audible.

The story has successfully made my emotions upside down. The narrators are so fantastic, they read it so well and brought the story alive. It's not enough to say how I love... love... love it, even the story made me weeping.

You too would surprise when I said I love the book even though the story line  unusual and quiet controversy, about what defines life and when to choose to... end it! It really takes discretion when you read the book.

The story taught me to widen my horizon and appreciate my life and live well. Honestly most of us never appreciate anything unless it's gone or too late. (It's me weeping again while writing this post)

I'll share with you if I find another good book!