Sabtu, 11 Januari 2014

Manage To Be Vegetarian-Shopping

Did I mention that I spent my vacation by shopping? Well yes definitely. I'm like most women in the world, I LOVE SHOPPING !!!

But as a vegetarian, and raising family as vegetarian, I have certain rules about choosing products to eat and to wear. It means no animal being harm while I enjoy my meal and dressing fashionably and stylish.

My stretchy braided belts
And fortunately I never indulge myself with certain high class branded name, but I do love high quality product (as long as it suits my first and only notion about no animal being harm!), and most of all I love unique and creatively design product. Which I haven't found one.
My Christian Dior handbag, I swear it isn't genuine leather

I love this cute yet simple black handbag. It suits with casual wear
So you see I'm really annoying picky person. Yes that's me! The world must accept me whoever and whatever I am :)

But then a close friend of mine gave me a challenged question about how can I survive in extreme low temperature without meat, alcohol, and fur to get warmed. Because it is well known that was how our lived-in-cave-ancestors survived and passed the knowledge through generations till modern age.

Well I decided it was a challenge. I've never been traveling to Europe or anywhere especially with extreme low temperature.

Well... it will take some time to come up with answers. But I'm sure I can figure it out if I manage to go to the places far extreme than my origin place. And get the experience myself :)