Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

Back From Vacation

Hi, so glad to be back. Although I can't tell you much of my family brief year-end vacation, because some other reasons I didn't see or do special activities during the vacation.  But still it was worth the effort.

The main reason was I got my period, that's why I couldn't go to beach or just swimming in the pool. And also it was so uncomfortable being in the middle of rainy season in my hometown. So the last activity I enjoyed most was... shopping. Yes truly... literally... I enjoyed and explored every shopping malls.

I had many reasons to do shopping. My daughter is getting older, and as 10 yo girl, she should properly dress. And for myself, since I get the best result doing plank, so now I enjoy wearing skinny jeans. And I bought some skinny jeans in various colors on my shopping adventure.

And the other good reason to do shopping is ... to celebrate upcoming Chinese New Year :D  I hope my husband won't be annoyed when he saw the credit card bill.

The last day on our vacation I prayed to God for having a good sunny day in the morning, I was so desperately going to Losari Beach. And Thank God it was a perfect sunny day. I spent the day enjoyed strolling at the beach with my oldest son.

Wearing_sneakers_while_strolling_at_the Losari_Beach

Despite my un-welcomed and un-expected period, and also bad weather, everything was worth to enjoy and most of all it was worth to appreciate. Why? Well because I'm having my precious moment... being with my family. Even though we're rather chaotic, noisy, and weary at the end, I always grateful we're all well and vacation just the perfect way to ease the nerve from our daily crazy busy activity.

I always love vacation, and looking forward the next opportunity.