Senin, 16 Desember 2013

The Most Dreadful Question

As parents we should prepare ourselves for the most dreadful question. The day came to us as my 10 yo daughter asked her dad; how his sperm have the chance come to... me! OH GOD Her dad's simple answer, "Go ask your mom!"

Well... ! I admitted that was embarrassing question. I thought I have prepared myself by providing her information when she discovered me having a baby. She then knew how the babies come out.

The most acceptable explanation I gave her with pictures I found on guidance books for expecting mom. They are really helpful and most of all... no vulgar images in it and you can have peace of mind.

But now she wondered how it yields a (human) baby. She watched TV and learned how the salmon baby fish yield, as the (mom) fish lay eggs in the water and the (father) fish shower the eggs with its sperm. Who can blame her to come up with the dreadful question out of her innocent brain???!!!

It was so hard to stay calm and cool as parents and most of all...  a super mom who can give logical explanation for the question.

Here's my explanation; "You see dear, human also known as mammals (because we breastfeed our babies, and give birth by vaginal), means human also behave as mammals. You can see clearly how horses, tigers, and chimpanzees as the most close creature to human form do the mating. But there are very different ways as human do before the mating. Which can be done only by the couple who come to the eligible age and can be responsible if it yields of baby." I paused for a moment to see her reaction. Then I added, " You can learn more with this book." I showed her a book I saved long ago for the special day.


That day I recollected my days as my daughter's age, tried to remember how I discovered and collected every piece of the delicate information, which enough to build my character with such integrity as teenager until I married. Which proved to me that I didn't need to know every detail, but gave me enough information about what will happen if I l behave as reckless mammal.

So that day I gave my daughter her first clue about how to behave, as well as made sure she fully understood how to protect herself before she come to the eligible age to learn more. 

Sigh! I felt my spirit drained that day, so much to bear as an adult. But I do admit that sex education is absolutely important. I would be terrified to find out that my children were complete ignorant about it.


Well as parents sometimes need more than guidance from a book! It takes a lot more wisdom to anticipate the most dreadful question!