Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

So Thrilled By A Kingdom Of Dreams

I hardly tell you how much I love this book. And did I ever tell you that I have quality for appraising novels which I think suitable to be adapted into movie or TV miniseries, well this novel deserves it!

I couldn't believe I'd enjoy this book so much and already read it at least twice, to make sure I didn't miss every detail.

The story is so entertaining and unbelievably hilarious, and I can't stop laughing and be curious at the same time. 

I'm so impressed how the author had put so much details in it; about political intrigue between England and Scotland back in time 1497. And amazingly I learn some new vocabularies about marriage; annulment, bedding ritual, consummated, etc, and it made me googling to find out before I continued my reading

And when the story mention about Jennifer's Father scheming revenge to bind Royce Westmoreland into marriage and deprive him of an heir at the same time, it tickled my curious mind to question; "how can it possible?", "Did it really ever happen?" and so on. So you see I learn something new while I enjoyed this book.

In my mind I could see the detail how the castle in Hardin and Claymore would look like, how Jennifer's escaping plan failed and ended with the death of Royce' magnificent horse, the knights in joust, the warriors on galloping horses bring about military formation. I imagine this can be a colossal movie.

And I can imagine how Jennifer is mocking Royce in every situation which to me so entertaining, and how Royce as the most fierce warrior of England and also the sworn enemy of Scottish, to react in his way which to me so amusing. 

My favorite (of colossal) part when Royce and his men breach the Merrick Keep, which Jennifer's home, to get Jennifer by force out of her bed, hauled her across Scotland in a storm and manage to be wed in haste to prevent war by two countries. The author never miss to put the detail in her hilarious way :D

My favorite quotes:
"Who would have guessed," he teased huskily, "that the selfsame woman who once tried to carve my initials on my face with my own knife would be so agreeable wife?"
Royce's eyes narrowed in discouragement at the thought of having to sing to Jenny. His deep baritone voice would surely bring every hound for miles to yap and nip at his heels.
After reading A kingdom Of Dreams I will never regret my decision to do my reading marathon, and I never knew if I would find something so hilarious, and also tickle my curiosity to learn something new. I'm looking forward to find something else, and I will love to tell you in another post. 

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