Selasa, 10 Desember 2013

My Reason To Be Vegetarian

Sometimes I encountered new people that found me interesting as a Vegetarian. Many of them asking my reasons, but also many of them jokes about it.

As a ordinary people in my small world, sometimes I feel like a geek or a nerd when I find myself uncommon. But someone once told me that Life is a choice, so I determined to lead my own way of life.

As a girl raised in strict Chinese family, my brain had put doctrine since childhood to believe that human can't survive without meat (e.g pork, beef, fish / seafood, poultry) in three course meals everyday.

But I also had seen my parents made us meat fasting, a regular tradition twice every lunar month, as Budha and Confusius novices, to perform compassion to other living creatures with legs and also to those flying in the skies and swimming in the water, and to me as a little girl I found  it downright controversy to the first notion.

In family gathering at the dinner table, I often heard jokes when someone said that he or she should eat more green veggies to control their highly blood pressure and high cholesterol level, if not doctors should prescribe him / her medicines for lifetime.

"You can't survive, or you can be as well as a monk, live in monastery and deprived by all worldly enjoyment!", that was the remark I heard and often followed by burst laugh of the peers, to me how very funny and outrageously contrast. As the elderly in the family they always become role models for us young children, what they say or do, would penetrate deeply in our mind.

As adults they gave message that it's OK eat as much as meat you like, as long as you have enough money to provide medicine to control those uncomfortable ailment as a result of constant unhealthy eating. Or worse to provide doctor if you need by-pass surgery.

In short I refuse to be ignorant. I know exactly that I won't follow the elderly footsteps.

So my main reason to be vegetarian was a result of long time contemplation and thoughtful observation since childhood, and I abide my time till I was old enough to be responsible to myself and make my own choices.

Which means in Indonesia you should wait till you get married and hopefully your spouse is tolerable enough to have your way. In my case, I had been requested by my husband as soon as we got married.

Which to me that was big surprise, I had never seen him likely to be Vegetarian when we were courting (In Indonesia most people courting to be married). At that moment I could hear my heart singing joyful songs as I said yes... yes.... yes!

It's been 15 years now, and still I find assorted responds from people about my... or should I say our peculiarity as a family.

Full enjoyment in simplicity
Not just being curious, most of them asking me how I manage to survive. So I decided to write on my blog in series to provide information. Every detail I give would be from my own experience as mom and housewife, or what I learned from other strict vegetarians.

I hope my posts would inspire many people to be more aware about their well being, and make conscious healthy choice.