Kamis, 26 Desember 2013

My Favorite Audiobooks

I've listened four audiobooks so far and I have two as my favorites; Howard's End and Once On A Time.

The stories are perfect for me not as intermediate listener, and if you like you can download it from Librivox.

I can't imagine listening audiobook can be equally entertaining as well as reading books. Till now  I have no idea how read aloud takes such skill, now I can understand when someone said that voice can do acting. 

Well I can't imagine myself reading aloud as good as them, it must take so much practice. I think Elisabeth Klett was so amazing on Howard's End. She read it all by herself and make good act with different characters on the book, and she can make German accent too. WOW!

I think I have good time with my audiobooks. Hopefully while I'm doing my reading marathon and listening my audiobooks my English will also improve.