Senin, 23 Desember 2013

My Day On Mother's Day

Yesterday (December 22) was Indonesian version of Mother's Day. All media was full with the day celebration, and praised how Moms' tireless and endless contribution to the family, and Moms' accomplishment for our country to bring forth and raise a bunch (pardon my words, I have three of my own!!!) of healthy and strong generations

And therefore once a year Moms should indulge, get pampered and off duty for a day. But to me the day passed as usual routine. 

But even worse I felt terrible and stressful, so much to occupy and managed, and  I even forgot what day was it.

But then my daughter came up with her so sweet surprise. That immediately eased my anxiety, and remind myself to slow down for a moment. So I took the picture as a reminder

Happy Mother's Day
 ..... and as a appreciation for my daughter, that her sweet and innocent had brightened my day ...well a little bit :)

But I couldn't figure out what was in her mind when she mold a chicken and eggs have any association with  Mother's day?  I couldn't help smiling while thinking of it.
Then I came out my own conclusion that hens as well as mothers devoted to bear children. I saluted her smart, quirk,  and... shall I say unique thought, and I'm glad to have her as my daughter.