Sabtu, 14 Desember 2013

Manage To Be Vegetarian-On The Road

As we are living in real world and there are always challenges present no matter how, where and when. So being Vegetarian always prepare for the worst. 

But you mark my words, it doesn't mean starve yourself till you find suitable food. Somehow I always manage to be creative and make every experience  wherever we go as pleasant as possible.

So when we were on the road or traveling on vacation, always prepare plenty supply of drinking water, fruits and big packs of roasted nut. Oh... I wish get paid for recommend this; always make good use of Tupperware containers. They're such a handy and beneficial.

TUPPERWARE, my favorite containers.
I always love the 500ml of cup with lid, instead of use it as ordinary drinking cup you can use it as well as shaker for making soy milk and enjoy it with cereals, or making whatever your favorite drink, you can possibly think of without rely on blender machine. 

You can be amazingly creative with the cup if you provided with hot water. My favorite is chocolate (soy)milkshake. 

Add chocolate powder, soy milk powder, and plenty of sugar to lukewarm water in half the cup, then place the lid and shake it with all your might. If you're certain the mixture is completely dissolved, add more water to your liking, hot or cold, to its full.

You can add cow's milk powder if you're lacto ovo Vegetarian, or protein powder, but mine is always better with soy milk powder.

So with plenty supply of food we can be always in good mood, until we get a place for refreshment and... hopefully suitable meal. But as long as we're still in Indonesia, we never lack of nutritious vegetarian food.

Even all you can see seafood restaurants along the road, there's always hope for fried tempe and tofu and hot rice accompany with delicious hot dabu dabu. All you need just ask and nothing to feel shame about. 

And you can always venture another famous food in Indonesia; Rujak and Gado Gado. As long as they are kindly enough to provide you with special service, and at the moment you're in heaven!

Being Vegetarian always needs strong determination, fully knowledge about nutrition, and a little spirit of adventure to push your limit to the edge.

For 15 years I have never come to the edge. So I always look forward to more adventure to come, and I will tell you how I manage it.