Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Manage To Be Vegetarian-My Dreams

Today I share with you my list of dreams of being happy Vegetarian:
  • I dreamed a dream that I still can live my life in full enjoyment although as Vegetarian there would be some restrictions. But in general I have peace of mind that every mouthful food I take not from filthy piece of meat.
  • I dreamed that one day I have the opportunity to travel to see the world, and enjoy every possible vegetarian meal I would have encounter in my way. But don't you imagine I'd end up in the unknown forest and the circumstances force me to survive with every possible edible leaves. No not it, in my mind there are fine dining and world class chef(s) so eager to present their fine job.
  • I dreamed that I can continuously prove to everyone that being Vegetarian is just a matter of choice and nothing to do with whatever religion you cling to. 
  • I dreamed that soon discover many plant sources of nutritious food, as well as affordable to everyone.
  • Lastly I dreamed to enjoy my old days, still active and enthusiastic in life. Because someone once told me; "We all surely end up old someday, and there's no complete happiness without good health". 
So now you see my main goal as Vegetarian to achieve good health and still enjoy my life to the full.  Which means, in my definition, that no one really can enjoy their life in longtime sickbed.

But of course as mortals being ill and imperfect are as certain as being old and die. But at least you can choose to enjoy your life with money can buy and ....not with guilty feeling that your life depends on medicine you take after enjoy every meal.   

That's not a good way to spend money for the rest of your life, isn't it?