Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Manage To Be Vegetarian-Being Mom And Wife

As vegetarian, being a mom means prepare my children to face the real world. I mean every word of it! It has been continous challenge for me to feed my children well, and make them proud and can explain themselves to others in every circumstances.

It's not very easy, I must admit, with so much temptations; from outside you can see some people might have pity look at you. And from the inside you might afraid to be looked like a nerd or worst an idiot, to refuse all delicious food money can buy.

But then I always have to remind myself that my decision to be Vegetarian has nothing to do with me as Buddhist. Because you can tell yourself that not every Buddhist is Vegetarian, ... and not every Vegetarian is a Buddhist. so why I have to mind about what people might think about me .... us!

I have pretty hard task as mom; to educate my children, that the food you daily take somehow and someway affected the way you think and behave, and in general it has most affect to your personal health.

I hope my children would be open minded and consciously and graciously embrace Vegetarian as good value in their lives and won't feel shame about it.

And being a mom and wife means I have to educate myself about nutrition, to keep my family in good health.

Always prepare good meals everyday
As you can see I mixed (white) rice with two other grains; barley (most Indonesian call it Jali jali) and red rice. I've done this long time ago since I realized I might have inherited Diabetes gene from my mother's side. It's always better to take precaution, you see :D

Eat right in adequate portion to keep in good health
Being Vegetarian means always to think outside of the box and be brave myself to be my own discretion. I hope my children will have the same attitude when they come at the age of discretion.

Next, I'll share with you my dreams as Vegetarian.