Kamis, 12 Desember 2013

Manage To Be Vegetarian-Attending Party

In my small world when I attended a party; wedding party, birthday party, or whatever social occasion you can possibly think of, I would never ever leave home with empty stomach. That's my strict rule since I decided to be permanent vegetarian.

Never leave home with empty stomach
When I attended a party or any social occasion, that would be for socializing. Of course I'm still human I can't live all by myself along with my husband and the children 

But I never bother the host to prepare me with vegetarian meal. If someone happen to be the host and know of me or us, then as a gesture of appreciation, the host would provide us the suitable meal. If not then we will just fine with dessert or cut fruit.

There's nothing to shame about being Vegetarian. It's all about choice I made and intended to make it publicly known. But instead of appear as devoted Buddhist among mortals, I always present myself as health conscious individual, and that's the most reason beyond any religion in the world.  

And with that reason I gain my confidence and enjoy my social time.

Next, I will tell you how I manage to be Vegetarian on the road.