Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

Fashionable With Simple Blouses

Recently I bought three simple chiffon blouses with different colors; yellow, black and tosca. I challenge myself to do something creative to look nice and fashionable with these blouses.

Tosca, yellow, and black simple chiffon blouses
And I also have blazers and mini belts to elaborate my style.

Blazers and mini belts.
You know that I have peculiar taste about dressing properly, not over dressed or vulgarly dressed! And I always love the simple look with skinny jeans. I'm so fortunate being mom of three children and still look nice in skinny jeans:D I should be grateful doing those planks!

Here I am... how do I look? I only  wore my black and tosca blouses and play with three different blazers.
Do I look nice?
I think I look OK, but still.... I find something missing. I think I need some statement jewelry. Oh... how I long beading again!