Kamis, 14 November 2013

Tribute To Barbara Cartland

Barbara_CartlandToday's blogpost  is tribute to Barbara Cartland. I regard her as one of a special woman ever lived and deserve a publication in my humble blog.

The reason Barbara Cartland is so special to me because she was an author of purely romantic novels who was born 1901 and died 2000 at the age 98.

During her life she experienced two world war, two marriages, and was made a Dame of the Order of the British Empire for her contribution to literature and for her work for the Community.

She had published 728 books, of which 668 are romantic fiction, and left 160 manuscript unpublished. She wrote and published her first novel in 1923 and continually published 10 or more books the following year.

But the most astonishing fact about her is at the age 77 she wrote 25 books per year for the next 20 years!!! OMG it was so much for such an old lady, don't you think!

Can you imagine what become her if she lives in blogosphere?  It would be easier as bloggers if you have half her (writing and imagination) talent.

I have slight memory of her that I ever read her novels in Indonesia translation as naive and innocent teenager at the time. So recently I browsed and determined finding her free downloaded e-books.

I found 56 e-books of Barbara Cartland novels, and so I officially begin my romantic reading marathon. I use the term marathon means I need no hurry finishing all of them in specific time. And this marathon should be the most enjoyable moment before bedtime.

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