Jumat, 22 November 2013

My Reading Marathon So Far

I wanna share with you how my reading marathon so far.

Well in 3 weeks I've read 27 novels, and still downloading more e-books from various authors not only Barbara Cartland's.

Don't you worry I don't mean to break world new record :D It just means I enjoy my reading as well as beading. And now

While doing this marathon, I have impression about what is called good romance.

First of all no vulgar scene... describes by words! I hate it. It gives the characters (in the novels) lack of self respect and integrity. So vulgar romance is simply porn to me.

Well Jane Eyre is romance too, but still regards as good classic and worldwide read till today. And it also turned to movies and mini series, and amazingly ... it's no porn!

I  don't care about plotting or background or whatever it is, I appreciate the creativity of the authors, as long as it weaved beautifully and make good story.

I enjoy reading something good and can give me other point of view, other than what I already embraced in my whole life. And in the end of the marathon I hope my english will be improved :)

And if I have found something good and meet my standard, I'll let you know!