Kamis, 07 November 2013

My Glorious Pimple

I wanna show you my glorious pimple! I know .... I know you would say there's nothing so great even glorious about pimple on your face but annoying thing. That's exactly what I thought when saw myself in the mirror.

But I'm telling you I often received many compliments about how soft and smooth my face, and people asked me what I 'm wearing. But honestly they won't believe when I said no I'm not wearing any cosmetics. And then I rubbed my face to show them there's no residue on my palm just to convince them.

Notice when I say pimple NOT pimple(s), because there's only one on my face. I'm grateful for good gene from both my parents. I rarely got pimple in my life, not even once a year. I can enjoy heaps of peanuts and chocolates without fear of pimple.

OK I admit it! I got once when I crushed a cute boy in high school, which so embarrassing, because people made laugh about it. It was very naive for 17yo girl.


The same thing happens to my husband - he rarely catches flu - not even once a year (God bless him with good health), which make me so... so.... envy on him haha!

What I comprehend about my pimple is the way my body  give me signal, there's something wrong in my body, particularly the internal organ. When I feel depress plus sleepless in the night, it could effect my body as pimple or flu.

So there's nothing much I could do. Just try to live more healthier and less stress, and also have  good night sleeps. Maybe I should ask my husband a favor for babysitting Hadi every night. Which I will be so grateful and love him more:)