Senin, 11 November 2013

Most Annoying Things About Online Shopping

I made list about most annoying things I ever encounter when online shopping, mostly based on my own experience, and partly by other people's experience.

1. They never confirming after receiving payment and shipping, which makes me itchy and curious when I haven't received my stuff over 1 week after transaction

2. They (refers to online shop operator) get amnesia when I asked about my orders. They usually respond: "Have you confirmed (on their site) after payment (I always did, I consider it very important) yet? This kind respond makes me loose temper. What's wrong with you guys, is your confirm page still working or not?!!!

3. Lame responding to every contact you do! Grrrrr... I can assure you that I won't use their service in the future.

4. The Shipping cost is so unbelievably high. Some shops don't have bulk shipping policy, so each item being charged separately.

5. The return policy so... so.... sucks! Their money back guarantee can't be trusted. Instead they encourage you to shop more with endless voucher, so hardly for you to get rid of them.

6. Some online shops don't ship to Indonesia, which means you require some kind cross border shipping service, which is a good solution if you're a shopping maniac. But if you don't that means find another online shop, or just simply forget it.

7. The good then showed up as cheap imitation from China, and still you wonder why it doesn't look like as you seen on commercial. When you confront them they will swear their goods  are genuinely made in Korea, Japan, even USA but never China.

But after all my complaints about online shops, I have to admit (and convincing myself) that online shops still give us convenient way to shop today and perhaps more in the future. I still do it sometimes.... only on very trusted sites. Which never gives me trouble that untolerable.

What about you, have you any terrible experience when online shopping?