Sabtu, 09 November 2013

Hadi's First Words

I thank God from the bottom of my heart, at last my baby shows sign to talk, not just baby's bubbling, but almost perfect  words in bahasa Indonesia and....Chinese!

Hadi is bubbling in Chinese
Yes my baby imitating words in Chinese! I can't believe when hear it myself. How come? I'm not accustomed to speak Chinese at home although I can speak Chinese fluently.

It happened when I decided to learn Chinese again, I chose videos and story books as my lesson materials. I found out that he loves imitating Chinese from videos I used as my lesson material of the day.

I'm so... so... happy to see his progress. Now I deliberately play the video just for him almost every day.

Oh... he can say in bahasa Indonesia "Minta" (whenever ask for drink or eat), and "Terimakasih" (thank you)

As you know Hadi is 33 months old and just now learn talking. Thank God it would better late than never!!!