Selasa, 05 November 2013

Folding Lover-Part Two

As I'm crazy and fascinated about folding, I think I need a purse that customize just for me. If ever I can get one.

This is what I'm thinking about a good purse for me. As I'm an active blogger I need a small and very handy purse that can load lots of my stuffs, and I can attach it on my belt as waist pack. Just exactly (more or less) the picture of my three compartment black purse below.


And it also can transform into... handbag or backpack, whenever I need them.

Imagine lots of stuffs that supposed to load in large purse but can fit into a small purse.... with the magic of folding technique of course, or should I say Origami.



Then I browsed further and found at Ali Express , which design almost suit my case (more or less), if only it has extra large compartment for my gadgets which I consider as delicate and fragile stuff.

The following pictures below I found quiet interesting, even though they don't suit my case to wear them as waist pack, and I don't categorize them as small purse.

Found at The Funky Monkey
Find at Purse Perfector
Found at Mochithings
Oh I hope I can find my dream purse, or I should find someone that wiling to make me a customize purse. Hahaha what an idea!