Senin, 04 November 2013

Folding Lover-Part One

I'm crazy about everything that folding, which means save space when not in use, but can provide extra space for something so small.

My first interest about folding when I saw some articles and videos about origami. My crazy mind start thinking how origami can be applied to something useful in daily basic.  

And as I browsed I found this Merlin backpack


.... this folding table with extra space for folding chair.


and also there is folding towel,  recent happening art in Indonesia, perfect for souvenir, a very useful one. I felt pity whenever got souvenir (especially wedding souvenir) with low quality material that end up easily in trash.

Now you aware that I'm kinda geeky and so fussy about creatively innovated (daily) stuffs, which means I love to buy something that unique and multifunctional.

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