Sabtu, 23 November 2013

Dating Again

Wearing_knee_length_black_dressThis is the picture of me dressing for a wedding party last week.

It was the wedding of my husband old acquaintance's son. But that's not about the wedding that was so special I want to share with you, but the interesting and exciting story behind that made me attending it with my husband.

I have secret.... very lousy one, that I scarcely attend social occasions with my husband; merely because I've been heavily occupied by domestic duties. 

So for many years we've accustomed that my husband as man of the house attends all the social occasions in the society, while I'm busy with the children at home. That's why I've missed many occasions and weddings since we were married. 

It was my husband's idea that we could hire a temporary babysitter for Hadi, so I could join my dear husband to attend the wedding, which held in newly open hotel in my town, which my husband knew so well that I'd been so curious to see the brand new hotel. 

And attending the wedding would be my perfect chance! Oh... I can't tell you how much I love my husband for his thoughtful gesture.

The exciting part of the my story when I was dressing up. It seemed so long ago I've never felt like this since we were married. Once again I felt young and very anxious when dated a man who is now my husband. When I told  him that this is our first date after 14 years of marriage he laughed of the idea! To him a little bit romance after marriage seems exaggerating.

Yes that's a man I married, not romantic at all, but still make a good husband :)

Wearing_handmade_jewelryThe problem is I have very few options since I rarely buy party dresses. So I played safe by choosing a simple knee length black dress. And I elaborated my simple appearance by wearing some accessories, which I have plenty pieces of handmade jewelry that I can wear it proudly. 

So this is the picture of me ready for the wedding party. Can you recognize any of my accessories? Every piece of them had been featured in my blog. Let me remind you, I wore my white with contrast grey double spiral necklace, amethyst beaded heart ring, and I re-purposed my cosmic ring necklace as charming bracelet.

How do I look? Not bad huh?