Jumat, 01 November 2013

Advertising At Blog Yuefang

Many nights I've been thinking about earning my own money with this blog. It is a brave idea for stay at home mom, and also very unusual since many modern women will satisfy with one source income earn by their husband.

But still I need a satisfaction feeling of earning my own money, this also can be a good role model for other women to be financially independent. The question is HOW? I assure you I'm a decent woman and mother, you won't see me wearing bikini while promoting the latest gadgets.

After 4 years of my blogging journey, it's time to be serious. I think I know what to do. I'd love to advertise products and services that meet Blog Yuefang characteristic, which are; promoting Vegetarianism (no contain animal products), healthy lifestyle, gadgets and fashion.

I make sure to test every product that comes in my way, so I can write an honest review, in the end the product deserves proper publication in this blog. Just as simple as I recommending something that I honestly love to a good friend

And I make sure that only best quality products and services to be published in Blog Yuefang.

The way of suitable product / service being presented in this blog:

1. Write a review

I write a review as my regular post and I'll put link straight to publisher website.

2. Side Banner 

The graphic banner of the advertiser  will be presented as side(bar) banner. And would be rotated once every few days to keep them fresh for Blog Yuefang reader.

3. Sponsor Links

I make simple list of products or service I've reviewed and shared with my readers. The Sponsor links placed on header tab contains links and small graphic banners will appear here permanently.

How Much Does It Cost?

I love to work case by case since every business has their own marketing targets. I want to give confident to the advertiser  that I do my best to present their product in proper and meaningful way for long term.

Of course I'd like to hear feedback about how the result after published - and how to improve to go better in the future.

If you have products and services that suit Blog Yuefang characteristics, please contact me by e-mail so I can send you more details. Please put the word "Advertising In Blog Yuefang" on the subject.