Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

Simple Homemade Bagelen

I was inspired to make something different and make good use of some leftover bread. In Indonesia we call it Bagelen; means crunchy baked bread with toppings. For the toppings I had canarium nut and chocolate sprinkles.

First, half sliced the bread, and spread some margarine.

spread_margarine_on_the _bread

Then dipped the bread on the crushed kacang kenari (canarium nut) ** I don't know the synonym kacang kenari in English**


Add some chocolate sprinkles.


Then put them to the oven, and baked till a bit crunchy. As you can see I can't wait to grab one before I took my last picture.


I just can't help it! They smell so good and yummy!

Special Notes:
At First I thought the name Bagelen was originated from Dutch, as some Indonesian cuisine named after Dutch; such as klapertaart, bitterballen, poffertjes, spekkoek, etc.

But I was totally wrong, Bagelen was named after a small county in Purworejo, Central Java. Where people in this county had the first idea to make the bread this way, so there's this cuisine got its name. I'm sure it happened at the time Dutch occupation.

Enough about history lesson. It's time for having snacks :D