Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

Satiety In Small Portion

Recently I learn snacking in small portions. So I put them in small container, prevents me for being emotional eater and craving foods all the time. Thanks to The Truth About Food video. It changed me!


 As you can see I have fruit roll shredded in big chunks, and mixed nuts; Cashew and kacang Kenari.


Whenever I have lunch, I make sure that the amount is not twice bigger than my fist. It seems funny I still learn some basics about eating. For me loose a kilo takes forever.

Special Notes:
I don't know the synonym of kacang Kenari in English, because it doesn't exist on the list. But you can see the image of kacang Kenari here. I have them in my Bagelen recipe.

If anyone know,  please let me know. (All people know how to reach me, right!)