Sabtu, 05 Oktober 2013

Reflection Update

Today's post is an update of the last reflection I made. Now I have set my two TOP priority in short term.

First; I have to pay more attention for Hadi, as 2,5 yo he still can't speak as much as other babies with similar age. But I can't ignore if speech delay involved. Some elderly (very kindly soothe my feeling) told me at their time some kids can really speak at the age 4,6, and 8. And they didn't consider it as autism (the term was unknown at the time), or any kind of today's well known disorder (ADD, ADHD, hyperactive, Asperger, etc).

Oh my goodness, I can't wait such a long time to make sure nothing is wrong to my son. BUT I'm sure Hadi is far beyond the "autism". I read several books to make sure of it, I also tested him; whenever I smile at him, he smiles me back, this relieves me!

But he still sounds ah-ah-ah-ah or uh-uh-uh when asking for milk, and pull my hand to give me sign after poo. So there's so much to catch!

Second; I've found new focus to keep on blogging. So I have to stick to my plans.

As a mom and wife I also need paying attention to my health so I can do my job best and take good care of my family.

Lastly I learned a very hard lesson; Always... always put dumbbells on the floor, never ever put it 30-50 cm over the floor so it won't smash someone's foot or thumb! Damn it still reminds me how it was hurt!!!!

A hard lesson from 3 kilos dumbbells