Senin, 28 Oktober 2013

My Unfortunate Thumb-Update

Here's the update about my unfortunate thumb.

As you can see the pics my two feet, the healthy one, and the one with pus. It's about 2 weeks after the accident.


Then I went to see doctor, which gave me some medicine to reduce the pus and cure the wound. Then after taking my med for a day, the next day I found my thumb has been less swollen and no more excessive pus, which created gap between the nail and thumb. The nail looked so soft and easily being removed.

So I tried to be brave enough, I pulled it slowly one side at the time, finally I got my thumbnail completely removed. Thank GOD I was so relieved. I can't believe it I did it myself  no pain and no blood at all!!!


This pic shows you my thumb recently in good condition, the new nail still in the growing process. At first I felt uneasy after removing the nail, I can't wear sandals comfortably. So I wrapped it with bandage for couple of days until it grew thin layer of (something similar) skin.


So here I am today, I can walk, do my things pretty much comfortable with one nail missing :D
I thank God for the hard lesson.