Rabu, 23 Oktober 2013

I Love My Besta

I can't imagine how can I learn better English and Chinese without my electronic dictionary BESTA. I always use it whenever browsed to find the meaning of words, or how particular words be pronounced. 

My Besta CID-508
I owned it since 2009 quite expensive for the price Rp 3.450.000. At the time touch screen was new technology, as one of BESTA's main features has already stole my interest. Far beyond Apple launched their iPad or tablet by other competitors in 2011, which today worldwide affordable with the same range of price for tablets, and old editions for iPads.
Features in menu
BESTA already replaced my paper version dictionaries. It's really efficient and time saving. Imagine searching words that printed with teeny tiny characters, It happens burn people out before finishing their business.


It helps me with Chinese, whenever I need to learn the strokes of Chinese characters. It can't be done by my paper version dictionary.

Today dictionaries are available as widget for iPads and Tablets, but it always needs Wi-Fi connection. So BESTA still my best offline dictionary.

But still there's problem. Languages evolve through time, new vocabularies are invented almost everyday. My BESTA needs to be updated, but at the moment I'm clueless. So whenever BESTA can't provide the words I looking for, I always come to Dictionary.com .