Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

How To Eat To Be The Best

Here's another serial "The Truth About Food" with title How To Be The Best that caught my interest.

I gave this blogpost title How (To Eat) To Be The Best slight different to the video title, to emphasize about eating activity to achieve the best performance in daily life.

This video special feature is Colin Jackson, a former athlete and meat eater, to be challenged for being Vegetarian for a whole two months.

The opposite challenge was given to Vegetarian girls from two martial arts groups.

As my previous post about The Truth About Food I also made small note.

How to eat to be the best in our daily life
In the end the challenge results quite disappointment, both for Colin Jackson and Martial Art girls. Colin Jackson confirmed that he slight weaker and had lost some muscle, due to his Vegetarian diet. And the girls felt a bit stronger with meat in their diet. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!!

How come? For million years of mankind history we acknowledged cows and horses by their power, which fed only green grass. Those animals only weak by injury or age.

So the conclusion is; Vegetarian Vs Meat Eater still  No Scientifically Approved !!!!