Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

How To Be Slim-My Conclusion

Although the video is a very well done documentary, but still in some points I find it unpractical for me as long time vegetarian plus living in Indonesia, which means I have to make some adjustments on  my diet.

Need some adjustment on my diet.
Point 1. Protein makes fuller for longer.
As a vegetarian (almost vegan) I would take Tofu and lots lots of Tempe as best source of lean protein.

Point 2. Dairy product excretes more fat
Their suggestions: low fat dairy product; yoghurt, some cheese, and low fat milk.
It seems that Calsium has the magic to excretes fat through feces. But I wonder if the plant source Calsium (leafy green vegetables) can get the same result.?

Point 3. Soup keeps you fuller for longer than solid food
I do agree to this point, I always feel full with my 3 portions green smoothie a day. I think this is the best way tricking your brain to eat less.

And I strongly agree about mind the portion, and keep food diary to track what you eat all day. AND .... never ever eat straight from the box.

As you can see (the blury area) I have secret goal to put off  some mommy fat, which annoying me most of the time. See if  I can manage to achieve it. It can be a great achievement for my blog 5th anniversary.