Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

How To Be Slim-BBC Documentary

I watched this video many times, but still feel interesting and curious.

Last time I decided to take note and write down the essential points about How To Be Slim. Abviously that obesity is a serious problem for most individuals in this planet .... and so am I. ( I admit it, I have some kilos to put off!!!)
That's why I wrote this note after watching the video
It seems that most health problems caused by the excessive eating. But why most people become senseless (I would use strong words such as stupid and ignorance) about healthy living. Many of them I met no clue at all.

No matter how high their academic degree, how much money they earn, these people kept me surprised that they rarely have fruits and greens in their diet, even since childhood. HA?????!!! I can hear the cricket chirps for a moment.

I can't figure out whose fault is that? Who can be answerable to this fault whenever these grown up pass down the same pattern to their children. These children can be seriously obese generation, which means Diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, early stroke, ..... no no no stop stop!

Some grown ups gave me weird look whenever saw me with my green smoothie, and the other time while munching my cut fruits. Hey... fruits and veggies won't kill you, but being fat does. 

The best quote from this video (actually said by the subject herself); "I don't wanna eat myself to the grave".

So it's really important to watch your waistline! Not just to have a great body, but as an investment to enjoy  a good health and active living as you aged.