Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

Blog Yuefang Four Years Old

While I was slowing down after my unfortunate thumb, I felt lackluster about everything.

Not in the mood creating my new beading design. Or reading my books. Or blogging.

Suddenly the question popped up in my head; How long have I been blogging? I realized never do review about my progress till today.

So I browsed to check the whois registry.
Yaay.... Blog Yuefang is four years old.
I can't believe it! It's been FOUR years! ALREADY???!!!

As today is the early day of the month, I'd like to share with you how my blogging journey has begun.

It took time for me to recollect my first intention to start blogging; To promote my costume and party dress rental business, which I set another blog as my showcase. You can see them in KoleksiYuefang. My business mainly serve local people with affordable costumes and party dress in my hometown.

But it seems my advanced idea didn't work at all. My service in some degree inappropriate since not every one at the time has access to the internet.  Later Blog Yuefang has evolved as my online journal.

Now I'm blogging in many topics and explore many interests which I consider worth sharing publicly.
After remembering all this, suddenly I'm not being moody anymore. Finally I find new focus and reason to keep on blogging.

First I have to focus on building readership, and then attracting advertisers as my advanced step to be called professional blogger. Yes I intend to be publisher for making money!

You may wonder and say," Just put Google Adsense for making money!" Well I had once, but it didn't come up as I expected.

Till today Blog Yuefang has about (more or less) 100 unique visitors daily. It takes over 2000-3000 unique visitors to attract well established advertisers.

So there's a lot of things to do. No time to be wasted.

Next year in January I will celebrate my blog 5th anniversary. Till that time I hope I can show you how my blog evolves to the next level.