Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013

Backup Vegetarian Lunch-Fried Noodles

Honestly today is rather chaotic for me, also annoying me and for being so forgetful. Today I learn a very hard lesson.

Most weekdays we have rice for lunch and dinner. But today I forgot (which annoying me) pressing down the button of  rice cooker, so no rice for lunch, plus I got busy all morning, and so lately realized at 12 I haven't start cooking yet.

So I had less than a minute to figure out what to do for lunch for 5 persons.

Then I came up with the idea making fried noodles. So simple and .... really fast, it took (more or) less 10 minutes to complete. 


Since everyone in my house are vegetarian, it's very unconvenient for us to order out at restaurants. The main reason is the price quite expensive, while they serve in small portion, so hardly satisfy most of us.

The other reason these restaurants have very limited menu for vegetarian, and no idea whatsoever to serve good vegetarian meal. I know it for sure, we  had tried once, and ended up pretty much disappointed. That's why I likely cook myself most of the time, truly saves money.

So everyone here's my (backup) lunch, Bon Apettite!