Jumat, 20 September 2013

When Unfortunate Hit My Thumb

swollen_bruise_thumbOuch!!! It seems hurt. Is it for real, I mean not photoshop trick? Those are maybe the questions pop up in your head when you see this picture.

Yes, it is real! It was my 3 kilos dumble hit my thumb. I grabbed it from Hadi's arm, and place it on unstable surface, while I hid another one ( I have two 3 kilos dumbles at home). I didin't notice until that thing start rolled and fell right on my thumb. 

When it hit me, I just screamed heartily once, and another seconds I screamed silently avoiding people's attention as if a cattle being slaughtered.  I tried so hard not to cry like a big baby. It happened about 2 pm, as soon as I could stand up I manage to do my work with lame leg for the rest of the day.

I told my husband after work on purpose, because I didn't want to interrupt his work. When he saw my swollen bruise almost black thumb, I could see his pity look. God bless him with his sense of humor, and endless patient to me, I'm grateful for that.

He took charge to babysit Hadi that night. I thanked God it was me that hurt, not Hadi. I was just careless for tiny bit milisecond before my thumb being hit. My husband said I need to polish all my nail to cover the bruise thumb, I grined weakly with the idea, still with acute pain on my thumb.

My mind couldn't stop thinking about how I manage to look after Hadi the next day, and spend a little time for blogging and beading. At the moment I just want to recover very soon. 

That night I hardly got to sleep till 11 pm. I couldn't think of any remedy to soothe the pain. I just prayed to God, please ease my pain so I can sleep. 

Good nite everyone see you later.