Rabu, 25 September 2013

The Reflection Over Unfortunate Thumb

On the last post I mentioned how the accident make me more slowing down and had plenty of time to reflect over my unfortunate thumb. I realized that it wasn't merely about the accident, but what was I thinking and felt before the accident.

These are some points to share to all blog Yuefang audience:
  • Lack of GRATITUDE, because I was being grumpy about everything-not-going-well in the last few days
  • I think it's the way God told me about my misbehave.
  • As a Budhist  I firmly believe about Karma. Two weeks ago I had sprained finger on the other leg. What a coincident happened to my both legs make me kind of disabled (sigh). I must be very mean person these days.
Now after what happened, I'm really... really glad and thank God it was me that hurt not my son.

What a shame! It took a smash on my thumb to rehumanise me????!!!(shake head)