Senin, 23 September 2013

Tempe In Crisis Again

Not very long time ago Indonesian people share the same anxiety (see my previous post in bahasa Indonesia) about the significant high price of soybean due to global economic crisis.

It is shameful that Indonesia for many century has known as Negeri Tempe, but now Tempe is unavailable on the market. All Tempe and Tofu producers refuse working until the government guarantee the constant supply of soybean in reasonable price.

What a shame as Negeri Tempe Indonesia never come to self-sufficiency state of this significant commodity. Although Indonesia has vast land for cultivating soybean, but the local farmers don't take interest in it because the domestic price hardly competed  the same product from China and US.

I heard from local news that local farmers served 30% of soybean, and the rest Indonesia still rely heavily on importing from other countries.

Sometimes in my opinion politic is just about how to make some people eat while the others should starve (sigh). In every crisis there must be someone takes benefit.

As long time Vegetarian, Tempe always be a good source of protein, vitamins exclusively B12, and minerals. But now I have to reconsider another options such as kidney bean and mung bean.


And also sprouted mung bean. They are amazingly in affordable price.
Mung bean sprouted as good as protein sources
But I still proud live in Negeri Tempe. I really hope and hardly pray Indonesia can survive through the economic crisis, and every household can enjoy abundant Tempe that soybean cultivated in Indonesia very soil.

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