Selasa, 24 September 2013

Simple Vegan Noodle Dish

This is the dish I made last Sunday. In my mind I loved to make something simple but delicious to spoil my family. So with my still lame leg I manage to prepare lunch.

Simple Vegan Noodle
I began boiling 1 pack of noodle, drained the water, and set aside. 

Then moved on to make special ingredient; nice broth with dried soy bean sheet. Boiled the dried soy bean till softened, add some salty soy sauce, ginger powder or fresh whatever you prefer, add some salt and sugar that suits your taste.

And last but not least add some greens whatever you have in your fridge, I had chaisim. I also put some shredded Nori  to add distinguished color and flavour in my broth.

Add shredded Nori for distinguished color and flavour
Mmmm..... I couldn't believe it's so yummy! The combination of ginger and Nori make the broth tastes even better. And now with my new-found combination I have some ideas to be explored.