Sabtu, 21 September 2013

My Unfortunate Thumb The Next Day

The next day I decided to wrap my thumb with bandage together with the very next  finger to support and prevent pain by any movement.

At this time I have no idea what remedy to use. I hope by the time the swollen will just turn to normal. And the color of my fingernail will shade some time to normal. I don't need to rush.

Or I can take my dear husband's idea just polish all of them with sexy red cherry nail polish or just plain black for Gothic look :D

What  about Hadi? So far I can't move so freely, just play and feed him while we were sitting on the floor. No more running around. I can see him understand about what happened, he just so sweet like 2,5 yo angel. He comes whenever I call him.

You would say I must be crazy, when I still feel fortunate by this kind of unfortunate event. 

Mostly because I have plenty time to reflect religiously and even discuss 'about what can I do next' so intensely with my inner conscious. My mind become slow down, and I can see more clearly about what my main focus when I get better 

I'll tell you what I've got on the next post.