Jumat, 27 September 2013

Healthy Chocolate Smoothie

I got a simple recipe in my mind; Chocolate Smoothie. You can make yourself it super easy, and really healthy with no sugar added.

You just need some ripe bananas (I always have pisang raja). If you like your smoothie thicker just add more bananas. Soy milk powder, cocoa powder (to your taste), and for sweetener I add some (soaked overnight) dates.

Just blend all together
Blend together, you can add some ice cubes for extra delight cool drink.

And that's it, now you have Chocolate Smoothie ready to serve. Even my baby Hadi loves it.
Chocolate Smoothie so.... yummmy
Special Notes:
We've been vegan for years, long before my youngest was born (I'm not quite sure when was it, probably since 2008) I had decided to remove all dairy products in our diet. So if you read my blog since the beginning you could see all my recipes totally free of dairy products.

So this Chocolate Smoothie is a healthy option especially if you have lactose-intolerance. And if you love homemade soy milk, or if you have almond milk please feel free to explore further so you can have your own Chocolate smoothie that suits your taste.