Senin, 23 Februari 2015

Halo Penggemar Excalibur Dehydrator

HaloOoo....  para pengunjung Blog Yuefang kita bertemu lagi di tahun 2015. Posting hari ini hanyalah sekedar pengobat rindu setelah sekian lama absen blogging, dan juga untuk menyapa para pengunjung setia Blog Yuefang yang banyak menitip pesan melalui Facebook, Twitter, dan e-mail.

Ada beberapa yang menanyakan alasan absen sekian lama, tetapi kebanyakan tertarik dan penasaran dengan Excalibur Dehydrator yang saya miliki sejak 2011. So saya  menulis posting ini untuk menjawab pertanyaan yang paling sering ditanyakan, untuk menghemat waktu daripada saya harus meresponnya satu per satu.

Sebelumnya saya berterimakasih untuk perhatian para pengunjung setia Blog Yuefang, dari merekalah saya banyak belajar hal-hal baru yang kelak akan saya bagikan dalam blogpost berikutnya, dan yang tidak kalah penting dan membuatku sangat terharu adalah mereka memacu saya untuk kembali aktif blogging, namun sayang belum dapat saya penuhi dalam waktu dekat ini.

Berikut ini adalah daftar pertanyaan (beserta jawaban) yang saya sering dapatkan melalui sosial media dan e-mail:
Di mana saya membeli Excalibur Dehydrator?
Silahkan baca kisah selengkapnya di sini. Dan simak bagaimana terkejutnya saya ketika diharuskan membayar cukai untuk barang impor. Intinya saya mendapat pengalamn berharga ketika membeli Excalibur Dehydrator langsung dari pabriknya di Sacramento.

Apa saja yang telah saya buat menggunakan Excalibur Dehydrator?
Silahkan baca kembali bagaimana saya membuat sayur bubuk, cabe bubuk, dan bagaimana saya sangat suka kacang mente tanpa digoreng.
Saya senang sekali karena berhasil membuat bubuk kulit manggis yang sangat berguna untuk kesehatan, dan yang lebih senang lagi karena rasanya tidak pahit.
Saya juga bereksperimen membuat fruit Rolls yang sangat lezat, resepnya diambil dari buku yang diterbitkan khusus oleh Excalibur Dehydrator (dibeli terpisah).

Ada beberapa pengunjung Blog Yuefang yang tertarik membeli langsung melalui situs resmi, namun mendapat jawaban pihak Excalibur tidak melayani pembeli dari luar negeri.
Jawaban saya silahkan hubungi di bawah ini, saya mendapatkannya langsung melalui korespondensi dengan perwakilan Excalibur, jadi calon pembeli dari Indonesia tidak lagi bersusah payah seperti saya dulu:)

Head Office : Kawasan Industri Sentul Kav. B3, Bogor 16810
Showroom Telp: +62-21-29455001   Fax: +62-21-29455007
Sales &Marketing : Gandaria Office Tower 16th FL, Unit-K
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda (Arteri Pondok Indah)
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Telp: +62-21-29303831  Fax: +62-21-29303832

Mudah-mudahan posting hari ini dapat menjawab rasa ingin tahu para pengunjung Blog Yuefang terutama yang penasaran dengan Excalibur Dehydrator. Jika ada yang ingin ditanyakan jangan sungkan menghubungi saya, sebisa mungkin direspon di tengah seabrek kesibukan saya.
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Senin, 03 Maret 2014


OMG, I can't help myself with these audiobooks. They are the sequel audiobooks of Consequences, Truth, Convicted written by Aleatha Romig. You should listen them in that order to understand the full story.

If they can successfully evoke any emotion from me then the story must be good. And that's why they deserves credit form Blog Yuefang, and I love to share on my blog rather than just share my review at Audible.

The first few hours of Consequences made me felt chill to the bone. I was wondering and also hoping that this is just an imaginary story about abused woman. The story is beyond my depth; I recognized Stockholm syndrome. I truly couldn't understand how a woman who has been kidnapped and abused ruthlessly physically, mentally, and hold on....also sexually, those actions are truly unspeakable, but somehow those action could evolve and become love to her captor. Unbelievable!!!!!

Is this woman some kind of stupid or just stupid! Why on earth didn't she consider to leave when he offered to release her, instead she accepted his proposal of marriage???? Was that just because she didn't know where to go or what to do without him? Oh God this Stockholm syndrome really serious!

After they got married, they went for honeymoon and appeared as happy couple, but soon I recognized domestic abuse. I can't help feeling anger, helpless, and a bit sympathy for her,  just... a bit, because in my perspective I won't enter the matrimony and felt ease with a man with the history of nearly death accident, isolation, physically/mentally/sexually violence, domineering, manipulating, and over controlling nature. 

But then I fully understand the reasons when I listened the complete sequels. There's old vendetta involved, so these whole story is about revenge ha.... I see, you may say.  At the end of the story I shamely fell in love with the author, she's so brilliant. She had successfully provoked my anger during the first sequel, and at the end of the sequel she gave me the sense of justice. No villain goes unpunished!

Although reluctantly I had to admit that Tony and Clare should be together. But again this is just an imaginary story, you should read/listen with discreet. That's why at the last sequel there's psychiatrist, doctors, counselor involved. The psychiatrist asked our heroine Clare to write down about her thoughts, feelings, etc .... again psychiatry is beyond my depth, but in my opinion to prove her sanity to maintain her awkward relationship with Tony.

Good Gracious I don't want to be misled about what love or good and healthy relationship should be. But somehow I know a little bit about domestic abuse, many of the victim feel helplessly emotional dependent to the husband. I could recognize it on Clare too. And I also knew some horrible real cases about kidnapping and raping ever happened to women and published widely e.g. Manohara, Elizabeth Smart.

So I think maybe Aleatha Romig inspired by these stories then added some twists and turns and dramas, then the books/audiobooks turned out a good choice for mystery and thriller lovers. 

And I also found the similarity with Jane Eyre, that she couldn't love another man better than Mr Rochester that actually had deceived her into bigamist marriage. As Clare Nichols still chose Tony over Harry Baldwin whose personality the opposite to Tony's. Does it mean girls always into bad boys rather than good/nice boys?????

If you ask my opinion about how Clare should turn out to be?
Well my opinion about Clare's character is more reasonably brave and smart to escape from her captor. My idea is that Clare turned out as strong and confident like Lara Croft. But that would make different story!

What if the story make into movie?
The answer would be yes and no. No because I'm afraid the movie would provoke anger and disbelieve especially from women that Clare shouldn't end up that way without fighting for her life on the first sequel.

Yes if the scenes of Clare was being sexually and physically abused not appear too graphic. I couldn't stand watching it.

At last, if you ask me how much I like the book/audiobook and the narrator?
Despite the flaws of the story, I love the story! They deserve 5 stars from me. Even though I always consider abusive men should beheaded or be hanged.

About the narrator, I love Romy Nordlinger. She did a great job and bring the story to life, and at the same time she drew me in and made me felt the horror and also curious. The curiosity made me continue to listen the next sequel, because the first sequel had made me a little bit paranoid.

I'm too picky for some mystery and thriller genre. That's why I don't like zombies, vampires and I never into the sequel of Scary Movie if you know what I mean :) But I'm glad I gave these sequels a try, you should too but please only with discreet.

Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

I Just Fired Them

I was so outrage to my tailor and decided to fire them right away. Sadly enough because they'd been my best friend for years, and had been my 'personal assistant' whenever I need mending my clothes or jeans.

But what can I say our mutual  relationship should end. I always believe trust is the most important asset to  satisfy your customer if your business is to make a living. But in my case my trust had been betrayed. How on earth they addressed me as their favorite customer (never so fussy about how much money they charge me for their service, as long as I love their work, and never complain whenever they've been delayed finishing my order), if that day I was being very.. very... and BIG disappointed.

I say you would act the same if you're in my shoes. Imagine this: You'd been delayed one week for five pairs of jeans and trousers, that should be finished in two days. Then when you fetched your things, you saw how disappointing they did on your jeans, looked like recklessly done by unexperience or beginner tailor.

I couldn't help holding my anger at that moment when I received unfriendly respond for complaining their job. But still I had to be patient even though I decided not to see their faces again or have anything to do with them, just because they already earned my money. Once they finished their job then bye.. bye.. forever! 

When I write this post I still can't believe somebody did this to me. I just guess they don't need me as one of their favorite customer. Well I think I deserve better and more reliable tailor with reasonable charge, and that was big mistake... HUGE on their part (I just sound like Julia Roberts' line on Pretty Woman)

So my advise: Bear in mind customer's satisfaction! Or they fire you :D

Senin, 03 Februari 2014

Pretending Adult

Hadi-in-daddy's-shoesMy baby recently has new habit wearing his daddy's shoes and... even my high heels. 

I can't see what in his mind, maybe he just enjoyed pretending every adults in his sights.

Oh sweet my little baby :)

Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

The Year Of Horse 2014

Year-of-horse-2014-wearing-red-chiffon-blouseAt last Chinese New Year arrives! As you can see me wearing my simple red chiffon blouse with black pencil skirt. I hardly tell you how much I'm grateful for today and also for the passing last year. So much to be thankful and there's so much to appreciate. 

You will appreciate and look forward every New Year if you spent your last New Year eve the hospital as we did as frantic parents tried to save our baby by acute diarrhea.

At the time like that you would say to yourself that you would do anything not even complaining about so much things to do with cleaning  the house and  preparing for the celebration, instead of being stuck at the hospital.

At the time we spent three days at hospital I learned to appreciate good health and eagerly to more educate myself. Being with my youngest son at hospital was quite an insult to me as parent. I had tried everything I know to stop the diarrhae and also kept him re-hydrated. But apparently that wasn't enough.

The diarrhea itself was totally a new experience to me, my daughter also suffered the same fate but fortunately not as worst as her little brother. I thank God they were all right and saved at the nick of time.

So this is me and family today, so grateful that everyone is well and celebrating the year of horse with new perspective, new hope, and new wishes. May everyone in good health and have good time to spend with family and friends.

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone :) xoxoxo

Kamis, 30 Januari 2014

Tuan Yuan Fan Anxiety

For years I've been in constant anxiety every time the day before Chinese new year comes. So much tradition ceremony to perform and so much cooking to prepare. It means my fridge will be overloaded, and the image of it already making my stomach into knots, I can feel having seasonal gastric whenever in stressful condition.

But this year I decided to make it as simple and also as well as reasonable.  Yes reasonable! I decided to create my own tradition of Chinese New Year. Why on earth I have to stick to old tradition just to make me in constant stress and uncomfortable gastric every year. Well it's time for some changes!

The day before Chinese New Year also known as Tuan Yuan Fan (團 圓 飯) when every one in the family sit and eat happily together at dinner table. The problem comes in the form of leftover food. My husband and I don't like the image of re-heating  food for few days to come. We just simply hate it!

So I compromise to my husband about my annual stress and anxiety, he agreed to have my own way. Thank Goodness.

So instead of cooking six to eight courses of meal, I simply cut it to three. Why, we're family of five. After years I decided it's ridiculous to stick to the old tradition. And the timing of performing the ceremony I decided to begin earlier on mid day and we're having tuan yuan fan at lunch time instead of late afternoon.

When my husband and I get older and the children already being grown up or having their own family, then  I happily reverse the tradition again with six to eight course of meals then our dinner table will cramp with happy big family. 

The image of it already makes me smile, well... we still have to wait for the next 20 years :)

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